Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Military Burial Flag Display Case – Army

Vendor: OO
Type: Military Burial Flag Display Case

Military Burial Flag Display Case

Gorgeous SOLID WOOD beautiful display case for the proud and honored. Mahogany Finished. The display case can hold an officially sized 5-feet by 9-1/2-feet U.S. flag. A die-cast U.S. Army medallion is elegantly centered on the bottom of this case. The back is designed with an easy open panel. Outside dimensions are 26-Inch wide on base, 18.25″ on 2 sides, 13″ height, by 3-1/2-Inch. INSIDE : 15.5″X15.5″X22.5″W 
  •  ELEGANT DESIGN:This Solid Wood Mahogany Finish beautiful frame will proudly display your veteran’s flag and preserve your memories
  •  Outside dimensions are 26″base X 18.25″ sides, 13″ top to bottom, 3.5″D, INSIDE : 15.5″X15.5″X22.5″W
  •  For Burial Funeral Flag which is 5’X9.5′ flag before folding. Please confirm the size of the flag to store before buying.
  •  Includes one U.S. Army medallion. Gallery Quality
  •  Real Glass front (others carry only with cheap plastic front which is easy to build up scratches with with cloth-wipes). No assembly required, comes in one piece.

Military Burial Flag Display Case – Army

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